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Liberia Launches 10-Year Health Policy

Liberia has launched a 10-year health policy in the wake of public outcry that the county is saturated with insufficient and inaccessible health centers.

Launching the policy at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville on Wednesday  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said though there were new health facilities in some parts of the country, they were not enough as sick people still lack access to health services owing to the absence of clinics and drugs, among others.

“I have traveled all around the country; I can see new clinics, new health centers, and new hospitals, but they are not enough. Because there are lots of places where people are still lacking access to health services due to the lack of health facilities, and in many cases, the infrastructure is not in place to take them to those clinics for a long period of time,” she said.

Notwithstanding, the President commended authorities at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare for major improvements made in the health sector.

President Sirleaf also commended the Ministry for managing finances allotted for the institution, adding that because of the management of funds directed at the Health Ministry, the ministry has become a milestone.

“I think today the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare is a milestone, and we can see another milestone by the documents launched today. They are so important like others because this provides the kind of services, roles, type of plans that will enable us here as a country to be able to look at these and do all of our budgeting in accordance with this plan,” she emphasized.

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