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Liberia make’s great strive to bridge data gap

The Minister of LabourNetoZarzarLighe says since Liberia’s democratic transition over a decade ago, the country has made tremendous strive to bridge its development data gap.

Minister Lighe said beginning with the formation of the national strategy for development of statistics knows as the NSDS, a series of surveys have been conducted over the past decade in Liberia, including the 2008 population census, child labor human right survey of 2010, and the 2010 labor force survey, among others.

Speaking on Tuesday, 1st November at the official ceremony of the 2016 survey training seminar held at a local hotel in Monrovia, the Labor boss indicated that the 2010 labor force survey helped to inform the ministry about non-economic and economics of the population age 5years which provided economic data that include information of major dimension which serve as a major source of employment for the country.

He said since 2010 the labor force survey has remained a key source of evident for decent work monitoring in Liberia, and also served as concrete basis for policy response of the labor force and the challenge in promoting employability as well as enhancing the living standard of the citizenry.

However, Minister Lighe stressed that due to major challenges and the implication of labor market, it will be difficult to effectively target the achievement of transformation and sustainable goal.

In addition, he noted that in the second round of the post-conflict survey of 2016, it is therefore necessary to critically update and address the scarcity and timely social economic data that remain a recovery challenge to development.

Also speaking, the Assistant Minister for Statistics and Research at the Ministry of Labor, Richard Ngafuan said the training of trainer seminar was intended for individuals who will play a major role for this week’s survey training seminar that has already begun.

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He indicated that the exercise is to ensure the ministry collects quality data that can be tested to meet both national and international standards in terms of quality and ability to be able to stick to the principles for statistics data collection.

Minister Ngafuan noted that the Ministry of Labor with support from various partners, including national government has decided to conduct the training seminar for young individuals who will be going in the fields throughout the 15political sub-divisions of Liberia.

He said the expectation at the end of the training seminar is not for men and women who will be trained in labor statistics data collection, but who will have basic knowledge on how to collect or identify pitfalls of data collection and basic sampling procedure. According to him, the training is targeting about 150 persons.

By Zee Roberts-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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