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Liberia Medical Mission donates to hospitals in Nimba

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Liberia MedicalThe Liberia Medical Mission based in the United States of America Sunday April 3, 2016, donated medical materials worth( 10.000)Ten Thousands United States Dollars to three separate health centers in Nimba County.

The Medical supplies donated were 40 hospital beds, cartoon of face shields among others. In Sanniquellie the administration of the George Way Harley Hospital received (20) Twenty hospital beds while the rest and cartoons with medical equipment were distributed among Ganta Hospital, Saclepea Comprehensive Health Center and Bahn clinic respectively.

Speaking on behalf of the Liberia Medical Mission or LMM, Madam Asata Kamara said the medical supplies donated were the organization’s own way of identifying with the Liberia Health Sector and Nimba was not an exception.

Madam Kamara said as a member of the Liberian humanitarian organization it is only Liberian themselves that can change the situation from worse to best in the Country. Madam Kamara who also took a guarded toured at the George Way Harley Hospital facility indicated that the G.W. Harley hospital needs are enormous, `and as such Nimbians in the Diasporas’ need to give back to the county.

She explained to the New Dawn reporter in Sanniquellie City, that most of the medical equipment at the hospital were defectives and terrible adding that medical interventions are needed.  Receiving the medical items on behalf of the George Way Harley Hospital, the County Health Officer, Dr. Collins Bowah extended his thanks and appreciation to the Liberian humanitarian organization for the kind gesture.

Dr. Bowah further maintained that the hospital beds arrived at the needed time because the hospital lacks patients beds. 

By Allen P.Lablah

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