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Liberia National Police: Attention to Upsurge in Armed Robbery, Street Crimes

Few months ago, crimes in Liberia were somehow reduced – perhaps as a result of the vigilance of the Liberia National Police or LNP. But of late, Monrovia and its environs have again been experiencing an upsurge in criminal activities, including street theft and armed robbery.

Central Monrovia where the National Police Headquarter is located, the Township of Congo Town, as well as the City of Paynesville are the main targets hard-hit by armed robbery perpetrated by drug-addicted criminals in recent times.


Residents of these communities calling in on a number of late night radio programs claim that these armed and drug-addicted gangsters violently attack them and other innocent and peaceful neighbors and take away valuable belongings, including cash, even though they are yet to complain of rape during the commission of such heinous crime.


Between the hours of two and four in the morning in these communities and twelve midnight and three in the morning, especially under heavy rains, these heartless and undesirable criminals violently invade peaceful homes in isolated neighborhoods within the Duport Road, Zubah Town, Pipeline, Bernard Farm, as well as Rehab communities, among others.


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Unfortunately for the armless and peaceful residents, the police on whom there is heavy reliance, especially for protect or rescue, is either sometimes nowhere or very late on arrival when alarmed – leaving them (residents) at the ‘mercy’ of these wicked armed robbers.


When the Liberia National Police think may, for now, be too slow in responding to ‘SOS’ calls. Most often, they arrived long after the commission of the crime, making the presence, in a few instances, needless/useless.


While the mechanisms put in place by former Deputy Police Director Abraham Kromah or ‘102’ may now be absolate as others in the LNP would think, the strategies employed by him in battling and preventing crimes, especially armed robbery, must be re-visited, if and only if the Chris Massaquoi administration is committed to ensuring public safety at all times.


The issue of logistical challenges and other factors affecting police operations may be well understood, but the little available must be adequately and effectively utilized as a way of attracting further assistance/support.


As we draw the attention of Director Chris Massaquoi and his Liberia national Police renewed increase in crimes, especially armed robbery, in Monrovia and its environs, the commanders and men and women in the field must see the profession as a call to the duty of protecting life and property, and must exhibit all of the attributes of such calling.


The authorities of the LNP must also be urged to ensure compliance to all that it takes to capacitated the Commanders and men and women in the field in battling these crimes, including armed robbery, executed during late night and early morning hours.


We are of the strongest conviction that vigorously pursuing these undesirable and wicked drug-driven criminals to the extent of discouraging their activities in any manner and form as was done a few months ago by former Deputy Director for Police Operations Abraham Kromah, who also followed the Commanders and men and women, would actually keep Monrovia and other communities in peace.

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