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‘Liberia on absolute retrogression’  

MacDella Cooper claims

By Lincoln G. Peters   

The Movement for One Liberia Party (MOL) political leader Madam MacDella Cooper says Liberia is on absolute retrogression.

“Let me tell you, Liberia is on absolute retrogression which means we are moving backward with high speed because those in government have no idea, agenda, and plan as to how to operate and manage this country and its governance,” Madam Cooper alleged over the weekend.

Speaking on the Spoon FM midnight conversation, she claimed that this has been since the ascendency to state power of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) government.  

Madam Cooper suggested that the country is in absolute retrogression under President George Manneh Weah’s government.

She said this is because President Weah’s leadership lacks comprehension of what government is and how it should operate to benefit the masses.  

Madam Cooper alleged that the CDC government took over the country without an agenda and a plan for the country and its people.  

The MOL political leader indicated that this government has lost more jobs and investors than the previous government of former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, though she did not provide any statistics.

She argued that the CDC government has failed to create jobs for Liberians.  

She further indicated that the social and economic fabric of the country has been derailed by the government.

“Since the first year of this CDC government, I knew that they had no agenda for this country,” she said. 

“Our Ministries and agencies have no plan in place. In one year, they were … trying to put things in place, and up till now, they have not because there is no plan. They have nothing to put tangible plans in order,” she noted.   

She claimed that since the CDC took over the country’s leadership, Liberia has been engulfed in confusion, hardship, and extreme poverty.

Madam Cooper suggested that this is because those in government lack the understanding and comprehension of government and its operation.  

“We can’t expect anything new from this government except a continuation of what they are doing. If Liberia is going to make the one big mistake by putting this administration back into power for another six years, we are going to see the worst happen,” Madam Cooper warned. 

“I have been saying this for over five years now. We are seeing it with rice now,” she added.

Madam Cooper alleged that Liberia under the current government has no good international record, good healthcare, education system, and sound economic policy to lift the country out of poverty.

She claimed that 85% of Liberians don’t have jobs, therefore, they are unable to take care of themselves. 


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