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Liberia: Opposition blamed

As police described ritualistic killings as fake news

Members of the Liberian opposition parties here have been accused of spreading fake news surrounding reports of ritualistic killings here.

Reports of killing for the past weeks have taken the country by storm, followed by social media posts that petrified the public with gruesome photos and testimonies of killings taking place in the country.

Authorities say two ladies and a man launched podcasts on Facebook in which they explained they were seized from different locations, taken to woods, and escaped death at the hands of their captors.

There was also a post of a disemboweled woman displayed on social media, and the posters contended the photo was related to ritualistic killing in the country.

Over the weekend Police arrest, a man they claimed has posted fake pictures of ritualistic killings here. The man, Jethro Harris is a partisan of the opposition Alternative National Congress.

Though it is not clear whether the post being referred to here is related to that of the post by Harris, police say some of the photos being displayed on social media give the impression of breach of security and inability of the Government to protect the citizens.

Last week, the LNP held a press conference at which time the authority dismissed all the reports as false and politically planted to create fear of instability in the country.

Inspector General Patrick Sudue and a team of LNP officials appeared on ELBC for a simulcast broadcast which was aired by multiple radio stations in the country to calm public fears and anxieties, stating that what was reported as ritualistic killings was actually scare tactics by unscrupulous individuals and opposition politicians.

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According to IG Sudue, the posters of the horrifying testimonies on social media, when they were respectively called by the police to give details of their stories, could not confirm the veracity of their own reports, while some ran away from investigation for apparent lack of evidence.

The LNP also reported to the public that it has confirmed that a stalwart of the opposition People’s Liberation Party (PLP) who had alleged that he was shot in his car by political opponents has finally confessed the falsity of his story.

PLP ‘s Secretary-General, David Beyan, after mistakenly shooting himself in the leg lied that he was shot by unknown men, with finger-pointing falsely to the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC). But following a major police investigation, it was discovered that Mr. Beyan lied, as he later confessed to police that he fired himself mistakenly while trying manually to discharge his personal riffle of shots.

LNP investigators have been mandated by Inspector General Sudue, to ensure that the social media is monitored regularly and that those who post information aimed at creating fear must be invited for questioning and subsequent prosecution if probable cause is established.

The LNP admonishes administrators of various social media chat rooms to scrutinize information that is placed in their various chat rooms and report those who are in the constant habit of posting said information. 

The LNP says it will not hesitate to ensure that administrators of chat rooms who do not exercise due diligence in the contents that are posted on their various platforms are invited for questioning.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating three suspects in connection to the murder of an elderly lady in Samukai Town, Caldwell.

Police spokesman Moses Carter said if probable cause is established linking the suspects to the incident, they will be charged and forwarded to court.

At the same time, the police disclosed over the weekend that it is investigating a man who claimed to be dealing in human parts and selling the same to a mortuary in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/police-probe-3-suspects-for-murder/

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