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Liberia repose confidence in UN

President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has told world leaders at the ongoing 71st United Nations General Assembly in New York that Liberia continues to repose confidence in the ability of the United Nations or UN in the search for global peace and security.

“…and affirms our commitment to support the United Nations in its endeavors to achieve world peace and security, democratic governance and the advancement of the universal principles of human rights,” said Mrs. Sirleaf.

Speaking Thursday September 22, at the UNGA71, Mrs. Sirleaf said the drawdown plan of the UN mission, which spent more than a decay restoring peace here, was successfully executed on 30 June 2016, when Liberian security agencies assumed from UNMIL full responsibility for the security of our nation and people.

“We recognize the risks involved, she said, adding “given the severe state of our fragility and the scarcity of resources, but we stand tall to assume those responsibilities knowing that partners are still with us.”

After an upbeat appraisal of how far the nation has come from decays of spillage, President Sirleaf said the nation remains resilient and determined, and is rising again. “Our democracy, stalled by years of conflict, stands firm as we march toward its strongest task, the conduct of Presidential and Legislative Elections in 2017,” she said.

The president informed world leaders of the country’s commitment to continue to address extreme poverty, to empower women and girls, to bring marginalized communities into mainstream society, and to make their voices heard. “These are drivers of our transformational push to save our nation and our world,” she added.Meanwhile, President Sirleaf said the call for the reform of the UN, particularly the Security Council rings louder in its deafening silence.

She said the equity promoted through member countries commitments at the UN must also be respected in all of its bodies. “We urge the nations of the world, the big and powerful nations of the world, to bring this long silence to an end,” she said.

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However, she was quick to mention that the 71 UNGA was taking place at a time when there is escalation of conflicts engulfing millions of people in many parts of the world. “We note with particular concern the rise of international terrorism, extremism, xenophobia and violence that continue to pose threat to global political, social and economic stability. The unabated crisis we continue to witness in the Middle East, on the Continent of Africa, and other parts of the world is a challenge to the noble objectives of the United Nations.”

“The suffering and massive displacement imposed on the people of Syria who are forced to migrate far from their homeland is a blight on the conscience of the world,” she says. The president said the current state of the world is being conditioned by the realities of insecurities which require collective and concerted action to avoid unacceptable levels of deprivation, poverty and human suffering.

She said at the sub-regional level, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has demonstrated its commitment and preparedness to combat terrorism in Mali, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and other parts of the Sub-region with valued support from partners in the international community.

“We are optimistic about the regional initiatives and collaborations at the levels of the African Union, ECOWAS and the United Nations aimed at helping to consolidate peace and security on the African continent. The ECOWAS initiative to bring peace to Guinea Bissau; the African Union efforts in Mali, South Sudan, and the Great Lake Chad Basin Force that is combating Boko Haram nd other terrorist groups show progress and demonstrate the relevance of regional solidarity,” the president said.

-Othello B. Garblah

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