Liberia Returns Impounded Vehicles to Cote d’Voire

Liberian Government joint security apparatus and local authorities in Maryland County have turned over six vehicles that were confiscated from Ivorian rebels during the 2010 post- elections conflict in La Cote d’Ivoire.

The vehicles were officially turned over Tuesday to the Ivorian government at the Liberian National Police sub-office in Harper City through the office of Ivorian Ambassador accredited here.It can be recalled that Liberian security forces along the border with Cote d’Voire reportedly arrested the vehicles from some rebel elements, who sought refuge in Liberia.

Representing the Liberian authorities at the handover ceremony, Maryland County Acting Superintendent Daniel Williams described the exercise as a demonstration of the cordial bilateral cooperation between the two countries.  Mr. Williams expressed delight that the vehicles were delivered with all parts intact.

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He however apologized to his Ivorian counterparts for any inconveniences the bureaucracy involved with releasing the vehicles may have caused them because his office had by then,  not received any formal authorization.

“The ambassador went to my office this morning and told us that they were here for the vehicles, but then it was little surprising because our office was never informed by any of the authorities in Monrovia, and so we could not just get up and say take those vehicles”, Williams explained and added, “I had to get in touch with the proper superintendent and she too had to call some agencies of government for confirmation.”

This paper gathered that besides the vehicles, a generator, television set and cell phones among others were also seized from the Ivorian rebels.  Commenting on the whereabouts of these items, the Maryland County Acting Superintendent said he had no idea.

“It is true, I know about generator, I think TV set, but I have no idea. Since they are interested in the vehicles, we gave them the vehicles; if they come back and request for these things, maybe where they are somebody can locate them” he added.

In response, the Ivorian Ambassador Accredited to Liberia Kapieletien Soro commended the Government of Liberia for its kindness and cooperation in the turnover of the vehicles.  “Thank God, the Liberian government has been kind enough to cooperate with us and turn over the vehicle to us” he said.

According to Ambassador Soro, some of the vehicles belonged to the government of La Cote D’Ivoire, while others are owned by private entities in his country. He expressed happiness over the exercise and lauded all authorities here that cooperated with the process.

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