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Liberia’s Ambassador Represents Pres. Sirleaf at Peres’s Funeral

Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States, Jeremiah C. Suluntehwas in the State of Israel as the Special Representative of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at the funeral of former Israeli President and Prime Minister Shimon Peres.

The funeral of former President Peres, who died at the age of 93, took place last Friday, September 30, 2016 in Jerusalem. According to a dispatch from Washington, D.C., while in the State of Israel, Ambassador Sulunteh conveyed condolences from President Sirleaf, the Government and people of Liberia to the Government and people of the State of Israel for the loss of the eminent international statesman.

In the message of condolence, Ambassador Sulunteh noted that the late former President Peres, who was known to millions around the world as “Israel’s Warrior of Peace,” will forever be remembered for his role in preserving peace and being a strong voice for the preservation of the State of Israel.

Liberia and Israel have enjoyed a special relationship since Liberia cast the tie-breaking vote at the United Nations in support of the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. Over the decades before Liberia’s civil crises, Israel and Liberia enjoyed a strong bilateral relationship, and Israel was actively involved in Liberia’s economic and infrastructural development programs.

As part of efforts to fully restore the relationship subsisting between both countries, President Sirleaf paid an official visit to Israel in June 2016 at which time she visit met with the Israeli leadership, including the President and the Prime Minister, as well as entrepreneurs, among others, to further cooperation between both countries.

Ambassador Sulunteh isalready back in Washington. October 1 Celebrated ‘Older People Day’ Saturday, October 1, 2016 was observed as ‘Older People Day’throughout the country as a Working Holiday.

According to a Foreign Ministry release, the observance was to raise awareness about issues affecting the elderly and to appreciate the contributions they have made to society in the areas of education, medicine, economic, science and technology, social services, history, as well as preservation of cultural heritage.

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The event was celebrated under the international theme: “Take a Stand against Ageism,” and observed under the local theme: “Older People in Liberia Deserve Better.” As part of this year’s observance, a major event was planned and executed by the Coalition of Caregivers and Advocates for the Elderly in Liberia (COCAEL) to celebrate UN IDOP – the second (2nd) National Aging Conference of Liberia at the Monrovia Christian Fellowship Church on 9th Street, Saturday, October 1, 2016.

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection is the legally recognized institution in Liberia charged with the authority to provide services and address the needs of older people in the country in collaboration with non-governmental organizations such as COCAEL.

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