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Liberia Standard Authority Boss vows to increase export

The New Liberia Standard Authority Director General seeks to increase exports and reduce imports through efficient scientific testing of commodities.

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Monrovia, Liberia, May 16, 2024 – The newly inducted Director General of the Liberia Standards Authority, Mr. Kansualism Berk Kansuah, has vowed to increase the country’s export and reduce importation of commerce commodities through adequate and efficient laboratory, chemical, and scientific testing. 

Speaking recently, when he officially took office in Monrovia, Mr. Kansuah said that Liberian products, particularly commerce commodities, have not been able to compete in the global market through export due to the lack of standardized scientific and chemical testing to meet international standards. 

He noted that most of the food or things Liberians consume are responsible for limiting their lifespan, something he assured that he is committed to changing through quality testing to ensure that the Liberian market gets the best products that match international standards. 

Mr. Kansuah urged Liberians to contribute to enhancing national trade, health, and safety by joining the Liberia Standards Authority in promoting quality infrastructure services through quality testing. 

“Today is very good because the Standard Authority has received its first DG. Liberia has very good soil and climatic conditions with good rainy forests. Our local farmer and entrepreneurs have been able to produce local product that they should be earning millions of dollars on the global market, however, they have not because it has not been tested to conform to international standard. We are going to do that to increase Liberia’s export and at the same time conduct rigorous testing of commodities coming in our country to ensure they are safe and meet international standards”, he assured.

President Joseph Nyumah Boakai appointed Mr. Kansuahlism Kansuah as Director General of the Liberia Standards Authority on May 3, 2024, becoming the first head of that institution.

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The induction program was graced by the National Consumer Council of Liberia, the Liberia Business Association, the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Liberian Universities, and all stakeholders in Commerce, trade, agriculture, and academia, as well as internal staff.

Mr. Kansuah disclosed that this entity was created to ensure quality assurance for all goods and services that enter or come through Liberia’s commerce, with the goal of ensuring that citizens get the best goods and services. 

The newly inducted Director General said that any good that doesn’t meet international standards will not be allowed on the Liberian market. 

He disclosed that in the coming days, he will embark on aggressive work and hold consultations with staff, adding that when President Joseph Nyumah Boakai says it will not be business as usual, the President is serious about it because he is concerned about the well-being of the people.

He noted that there have been uncontrollable fire disasters across the country due to substandard electrical appliances coming into the country. He assured Liberians that this would no longer happen because he would activate the electrical Lab to ensure that it’s properly tested before getting on the market.

“Look at pharmacies, and all are not in good condition. We will ensure our people’s livelihood is secured and trade is promoted. We want to do all we can to ensure Liberia is competitive globally. Trade barriers are reduced. Trade comes smoothly. People should get value in producing and sending to Liberia. The President will constitute the board when he gets the two deputies. After that, we will begin full work.” 

Explaining the role and responsibilities of the Liberia Standards Authority, he said that the institution was formerly the National Standards Laboratory under the Ministry of Commerce to conduct quality testing, both chemical and scientific, on food products to meet international standards before being placed on the Liberian market. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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