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Liberia Volleyball Team Shine

The Liberian national Volleyball team has made excellent advancement in the on going International Volleyball competition underway in Sierra Leone. Reports emerging from the tournament revealed that Liberia thrashed host Sierra Leone and has secured a slot in the London 2012 Olympic.

“We are glad with the results emerging from Freetown and anticipating that Liberia will land more wins for qualification”, Moffie Kenneh-President of the Liberia Volleyball Federation said.

The competition is experiencing the single elimination with consolation format. The winner of each country verses country match will be the best of five and composed of five matches. The golden set is played if the two counties draw after four matches.

The seeding of the team in the single elimination draw will depend upon the points of the ranking in the sub zonal phase that was completed earlier this year. The host was joined by Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Mauritania, Morocco and Senegal.

The zonal phase comprises two rounds: in the first round, countries will be divided into five zonal pools, from which the top four qualify for the next phase involving 20 countries; in the second round. Those 20 countries will be divided again into four pools of five teams, with the top two teams in each pool qualifying.

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