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Liberia vs. Togo – an Uncompromising Must-Win on Sunday

OTHER THAN BEING a day solely devoted to activities of the Christian Church in general, activities this Sunday may just be over-shadowed by the African Cup of Nations’ Group A match between Liberia and Togo at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

NOT THAT THE day be over-shadowed by the Liberia-Togo football match in total disregard, but the crucial nature of the event, as well as the passion and interest attached to the match may be sufficient to
reduce the number of church goers on Sunday.

CURRENTLY, LIBERIA LEAD the group, also comprising Djibouti and Tunisia, with nine points from four matches, while both Tunisia and Togo are closely behind – each with seven points just within a striking distance of top the group.

SO FAR, THE Lone Star of Liberia have ensured a beautiful qualifying campaign, resurrecting from their first defeat away to Togo in Lome about a year ago in their opening match to three successive wins to

see themselves within a stone throw from a third appearance at the African Cup of nations since 2002.

INDEED, SUNDAY’S MATCH is very, very crucial – one to determine whether or not Liberia will actually be in Gabon next year. WHILE WE ARE of the strongest conviction that the LONE STAR will prevail considering the high level of support from the Government of Liberia and Liberia Football Association, it is also incumbent on the nation’s PATRIOTS to do all they can to make Liberians proud again. Being cognizant of the manner and form the first match in Lome, Togo was played even though our “boys” played to the best of their ability, we belief victory is a must – and truly a must. This means that at home now.

EVEN THING MUST be done against all odds to secure the three points – our [players must be focused; anticipation for goals must be coordinated and optimistic, while Liberia’s vital territory must always be timely on the alert to avoid any embarrassment at home.

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AS WE CHALLENGE our national “heroes”, in view of the foregoing, our moral support to keep our national “heroes” continuously motivated on the field of play on Sunday cannot be over-emphasized. THIS MEANS, JUST as we exhibited the highest degree of patriotism before, during and after the Liberia-Cote d’Ivoire match in Monrovia a few months ago, so must it be on Sunday between our national “Flag Bearers” and the Hawks of Togo.

COMBINING ALL OF these efforts – the government, Liberia Football Association, the players and Liberians (fans) in general, success is sure.  AFCON/GABON-2017, here we come.   

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