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Liberia: Weah’s cabinet lacks expertise

UP Lawmaker Massaquio

By Kruah Thompson 

Liberia: Lofa County District #3 Representative, Clarence Massaquoi, says the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government is engulfed and managed by a bunch of un-serious officials with no sound economic-financial management expertise to put the country on the proper economic trajectory of inclusive national development.

Rep. Massaquoi from the former governing Unity Party, notes that Liberia is failing under the Weah Administration because of lack of good experts in the government to help craft economic policies for the country.

Speaking in an interview with reporters Tuesday, January 25, 2022, at the UP Headquarters on Broad Street in Monrovia following the party’s response to President Weah’s Annual Message, the Lofa County lawmaker continued that the UP over the past 12 years fought to put the country on a better path that all Liberians are proud of.

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He says it’s so saddening that the CDC government thru President Weah is bragging of taking the country budget from six hundred million to seven hundred million United States Dollars.

He recalls that between 2005 and 2006, the national budget of Liberia was US$80million but there was insecurity and the economy was broken down because there was no governance, something, he says the UP government under former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, restored.

Rep. Massaquoi also brags that the former Unity Party-led government restored the image of the country and its respectability as well as increased the national budget from 80 million to five hundred and sixty million before it left office in 2018, handing it over to President weah.

“Now tell me, what has this government done that they are bragging about? We presented a budget to them of sixty million and they carry it to unstable seventy million. Compare from eighty million to six hundred million, and from six hundred million to seven hundred million and tell me what this government has done.  It will be one hundred million verse four hundred million so there is nothing to brag about”, Massaquio argues.

He says Liberians saw the Unity Party transforming the country that today they are enjoying happiness and stability from worst to better after many years of civil unrest.

Meanwhile, he thinks Liberians still have an opportunity to correct the mistake they made at the poll in 2017 by voting for President George Weah and his leadership.

Rep. Massaquoi: “I believe that Liberians are now ready to prevent the mistrial death of professional people in Liberia by changing this government. Our country is really struggling and suffering under the leadership of this President and the UP is here willing and ready to change this country for all Liberians to enjoy better lives.”

He calls on opposition political leaders across the country to join forces in ensuring that President Weah is not re-elected, which will provide an opportunity to save the state and restore better economic policy that will improve the lives of every Liberian citizen Editing by Jonathan Browne


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