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Liberia will win, not individuals

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Liberia’sVice President Joseph N. Boakai has disclosed here that his acceptanceof the 2015 petition by his kinsmen in Lofa County is to work in theinterest and victory of the Liberia people instead of individuals.

“Let me express my profound delight at your assembly here today tofurther reinforce the position of our people. This assembly shows thatLofans are a friendly people and have thus made many friends,” VP Boakai said.

“We recall fondly that the huge convergence in Lofa in May of2015—reechoed by this huge one here today, started off with historicmilestone much earlier in 2015. It was not a request; it was an order from my people,” he indicated.

The Vice President made the remarks Tuesday, November 30, 2016, at aprogram marking the observance of the confirmation of the petition ofthe people of Lofa County during the celebration of his birth anniversary at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia.

Mr. Boakai told the huge crowd: “We stood so overwhelmed with humilitywhen our paramount chiefs from our seven districts paid an unexpectedvisit at our residence to convey to us in direct terms the desire andurging of the people of our county as regard the 2017 general andpresidential elections in our country,” said the VP, saying it was anhonor that stuck to my heart and will continue to live for the rest of his life.

“It was so uplifting and I remain forever grateful. It is thisgratitude that I pledge to demonstrate in the quality of my service tomy people. Let it be known that I have served Lofa before; andfaithfully too,” Said VP. Boakai, adding that the discussions andcounty tour that followed lifted his spirit so high and reinforced hisfaith and confidence in his people so deeply that he could not dare give “NO” as an answer.

“And I thank my God for guiding me to the affirmative response I wasled to offer that historic day. To all my people and well-wishers, the decision you took on tocelebrate with me on my natal day with this deafeningchorus–reaffirming the verdict of the Lofa people—indeed strengthensmy love for my people, my country, and the resolve to serve them withevery fiber in my being.”

“To my Liberia people, I say this is not about position. This is notabout Joseph Boakai. This is about our country—its future, itsstability, its respectability, its tranquility, and its forward move.The blood that runs through the veins of Joseph Boakai does not knowgreed, undermining, cheating, envy, bigotry, corruption hot temper,and selfishness.

But, sadly, these are the vices that besiege our country today. Theseare the tendencies we need to look out for as we make the criticalchoice on succession in leadership of this country,” the VP indicated.

According to him, his many political “prophets” will today descendfrom the skies and roam around, promising all the pies that one couldever wish for. But, he said, the PIES are in the SKY, saying they can never beavailable for one’s consumption.

He urged Liberians to have sober evaluations of those who, just out ofthe blues, have today emerged as doctors for poverty, the nation’snumber farmer, as well as the one who loves Liberia most.

“The saying goes, shine your Eyes; not all that glitters is gold. Wehave been in Liberia all these many years? Where were theirspecializations? Scrutinize track records. This is about changingcourse in Liberia, getting this country on the course ofresponsibility, honesty, care, and unreserved love for country.

Yours is my assurance that your trust will never be betrayed.Ours is to submit ourselves to the will of our people and togetherseek your blessings. And so, I can assure you—my chiefs, elders, youth, and people ofLofa—that as I today reaffirm my acceptance of the challenge you havethrown upon me, I will never depart from those ethics and principles,”the Vice President said.

“If we all can hold together in the struggle for these virtues, Iguarantee you, Liberia will win, let us think Liberia, Love Liberia,and Build Liberia,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Sirleaf has reaffirmed her support to VP Boakai’spresidency come 2017. “I want to dispel the rumors in the public that I do not support thenext standard bearer. I want to assure you, Mr. Vice President, of mysupport to you in the upcoming general and presidential elections; youare my partner in government; my longtime friend – I can assuring youthat we will stand with you in your endeavors,” the Liberian Leaderreaffirmed her support to her Vice President.

By Lewis S. Teh-George Barpeen

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