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Liberia YMCA Appreciates Several Institutions, Personalities

The Honourees – Left to right: Joseph Bondo- Liberia YMCA, Mr. Kenneth Y. Best, Founder Daily Observer, Hon. Lester M. Paye, former Development Secretary, Liberia YMCA and Mr. Peter Kamei, Former National General Secretary- Liberia YMCA.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia YMCA, Mr. E. Edward Gboe has paid homage to several individuals who one way or the other immensely contributed to the success of the organization in Liberia. Mr. Gboe specifically praised Mr. Joseph Bondo for his dedication and hard work.

“I have never seen someone as humble as Mr. Bondo; he is the first to arrive to work and last to leave, and I wondered when does he get up to prepare to board a vehicle and when does he wake up to get prepared,” the head of the Liberia YMC noted.

He called on other employees of the Liberia YMCA to emulate Mr. Bondo‘s honesty and commitment to duty, adding that literacy was not the only factor that moves an organization forward, but hard work and humility. He also called on the honoree to see the honor as a way of continuing his hard work and commitment to the organization which still sees him as an asset.

Mr Joseph Bondo praised the Liberia YMCa for the honor, promising to work more for the Liberia YMCA. The YMCA of Liberia, last weekend honored one of its staff as the most outstanding employee in the area of service and dedication to duty, including Mr. Bondo, who joined the Liberia YMCA in the early nineties. ‘Pa Bondo’, as he is commonly called, received a standing ovation when he was called to be honored.

“Mr. Bondo, the YMCA honored you today as an outstanding employee, given your dedication to duty, and your early appearance to job regularly; not only that you have proven to be honest and have shown the ability to serve even the smallest person in the Liberia YMCA.”

“For this, we are pleased to honor you as the most outstanding staff in this institution,” said E. Timotheus Kamaboakai, Development Secretary of the Liberia YMCA.

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Others also honored were Central Bank of Liberia, Chevron Liberia Ltd, Mr. Peter Z. N. Kamei, Former National General Secretary, Liberia YMCA, Representative Lester M. Paye, Former Development Secretary, Liberia YMCA and Mr. Kenneth Y. Best Founder and Publisher of the Daily Observer Newspaper.

The individuals and institutions were honored by the Liberia YMCA for their outstanding work to institution, while the Central Bank of Liberia and Chevron, Liberia Ltd. were honored for their outstanding partnership with the Liberia YMCA.

The honoring climaxed the close of the 45th Ordinary General Assembly and Global Operating Plan Meeting. The event was held in the Eugene H. Cooper Conference Hall of the Liberia YMCA on Saturday. The event climaxed the close of the Global Operating Plan Meeting and the Ordinary General Assembly of the Liberia YMCA.

At the Global Operating Plan meeting, Liberia YMCA partners from the Africa Alliance of YMCAs, the Toronto YMCA, the US YMCA and the YMCA of England were represented.

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