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Liberian child right advocate gets letter of support

A Liberian child advocate Lisa T. Cooper has been recognized and given a letter of support for her advocacy for Liberian children from Kids’ Rights Foundation.

Kids’ Right Foundation is an international organization based in Amsterdam, and is heavily involved with working with children to create a world in which their rights are guaranteed, and they are enabled to realize their great potential.

Speaking to this paper in an exclusive interview recently, Lisa Cooper said her decision to get involved into child advocacy is to curtail violence against children and make their voices heard.

“Violence against women and children is an everyday phenomenon here in Liberia. It is against this backdrop that I established the project,” Lisa explains.

She notes that people play games with some parents who are unable to cater to their children, bringing children from rural areas with false promises that they are bringing them to urban areas for schooling.

In the end, she says those children will become breadwinners for their guardians instead of being sent to school.Through her advocacy, she says she got the letter from the international NGO Kids’ Right, informing her that it was proud of her work and assured her of its support to her initiative.

Lisa urges other young Liberians to get involved in community initiatives that will bring development, as the government can’t do it all.She notes that she established the “I AM You Movement” to work in that direction, because kids are change makers.
By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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