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Liberian Company Wins US$3m Garbage Contract

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A Liberian waste management company has been awarded a US$3 million World Bank contracts to provide sanitary services in the city of Monrovia.

The company, N. C. Sanitors & Services is an all Liberian solid waste management company, which recently participated in an International Competitive Bid for the collection of municipal solid waste from the city of Monrovia along with many other Liberian companies and a Ghanaian company, ZoomLion. The letter of acceptance was received on Friday evening at the ball room of the Monrovia City Hall.

Presenting the letter of acceptance to the Company, the Monrovia Acting City Mayor Mary Broh, congratulated the company for standing out but worn immediately that this award was “a call to work and not a time to be in linen suits”.  She offered that the company could count on MCC as long it (the company) was prepared to remain focus on the job.

Speaking further to the spirit of the occasion Madam Broh vowed to do all in her powers to launch out for the “create of the middle class” in Liberia.” She mentioned among other things that “as many Liberians are ready to work, she will outsource a number of municipals duties.

The letter in excerpts reads: “This is to notify you that your Bid dated 27 February, 2011 for execution of Collection of Municipal Solid Waste from the City of Monrovia- Stockton Region: Contract No:EMUS/CMSWM/009/8/10 … hereby accepted by our Agency.”

Receiving the letter of acceptance, been wheel by his senior management, the Board Chairman of N. C Sanitors & Services thanked the Mayor for the opportunity of this contract and lauded the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf government for being a forerunner for attracting critical interventions under the poverty reduction strategy.

Assuring the Mayor and the World Bank of the proven records of commitment, dedication and focus his company has achieved in the waste management sector, Pstr. Briamah averred that “N. C. Sanitors was not out to bluff but to do business and not here to complain, but to compete.”

He recounted the humble start of his company and yet the visions employ labor and create wealth in Liberia through decent works. He concluded that it was no surprise that N. C. Sanitors won this bid because since 2007, this company has won all solid waste management bids. This is the biggest one time bid any Liberian waste management company ever won.

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