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Liberian educator wants visual aid programs prioritized

The administration of the Rosetta Steps Educational Foundation School, Amma Harris, is calling on school administrators to prioritize visual aid programs to foster early childhood development in the country.

The Rosetta Steps Foundation institute is currently being operated at an elementary level in New Kru Town, Duala and Caldwell road communities, respectively on Bushrod Island, outside Monrovia.

Leading a one-day academic tour of historical sites in Monrovia over the weekend, Madame Harris explains the sight-seeing exercise was intended to expose the students to some of the things they have discussed and will continue to discuss in the classroom.

“By bringing the kids out of their usual environment they are familiar with, we intend to show them the other side of life. To show them some of the historic features of our country. Because eventually as they progress in school, these are the things they are going to study about. How Liberia was founded, the interaction of those who were here and those who came, the presidents and so on”, Madame Harris notes.

She details that the students toured the National Museum on Broad Street, the former Ducor Continental Hotel, and the historic Providence Island, amongst others, which according to her, was intended for the kids to visualize some of the areas they have been learning about in the classroom for the betterment of their academic sojourn.

She boasts of extra-curriculum activities in her institution, adding that there are debate, hygiene and social clubs, amongst others that help with the growth and development of students.

She calls on other school administrators to emulate these steps by introducing activities that will motivate the children, stressing that early learners learn a lots through what they experience, “These activities assist the teachers to better process what is being taught in the classroom and give better results”.

Madame Harris encourages Liberians to explore other sectors of life in order to foster nation building, “We want to tell Liberians out there not to focus only on political issues, there are lots more to that. There are people who are making a lot of efforts toward nation building and that is the best we can do to develop our country. Do not listen to the negatives out there, instead, find the positives and support them”, she urges.

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Meanwhile, the Assistant Minister for Tourism at the Ministry of Information Princess Turkolon, lauds the administration of the institution, adding that the initiative is good for the development of the students.

She notes that the future of Liberia depends on the younger generation, describing the kids as future leaders. “We want you all to take your lessons serious and perform well in your lessons for the betterment of Mama Liberia.”

Also, students Isaac Buston and Carolina Wesseh of the 3rd Grade class express excitement for the tour, laud their parents, school administration, and teaching staff for affording them the opportunity.

“We learned so many things from the tour. We were shown some of the things left behind by some of our past presidents, and also the future plan of the Bali Island”, student Isaac Buston explains. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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