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Liberian Envoy chairs ECOWAS

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Liberia’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the French Republic and Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, Dr. C. William Allen, has been unanimously endorsed as Chairman of the ECOWAS Group of Ambassadors at UNESCO.

According to a press release, Ambassador Allen replaces his Senegalese counterpart, AbdouSourang, whose tenure expired in June 2016. In turnover remarks, the outgoing Chair of the ECOWAS Group ofAmbassador Sourang thanked his colleagues for the level ofsupport they accorded him and the accomplishments they achieved duringhis tenure.

Ambassador Sourang called on his colleagues to give Ambassador Allen full cooperation as hetakes on the administration of the group in the year ahead. Dr. Allen, who is the first LiberianAmbassador to Chair that group, promised to work for the general goodof the organization by seeking consultations in its effective running.

He promised to coordinate his activities with hiscolleagues at the Bureau of the Africa Group of Ambassadors so thatimportant issues affecting the West Africa region can be addressed and promoted.

The Liberian Envoy proposed coordination of the various programs atthe level of African Ambassadors and regional groups into a singlecalendar to derive maximum benefits at the various organizations.

According to Protocol of the ECOWAS Group of Ambassador at UNESCO,the country currently chairing the ECOWAS Authority of Heads of Stateautomatically chairs the sub-regional group ofAmbassadors and Permanent Delegates at UNESCO.

It can be recalled that in June 2016, President EllenJohnson Sirleaf was unanimouslyelected as Chair of the Authority of Heads of State and Government ofECOWAS, at the Forty-ninth Ordinary Meeting of the Authority.

President Sirleaf is the first Liberian President and the first femaleHead of State of Africa to be elected as the Chair of the ECOWASAuthority of Heads of State and Government. Ambassador Allen was appointed to France andUNESCO by President Sirleaf, officially taking up his duties in March 2014. Press release

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