Liberian Infectious Disease Specialist in the U.S

A Liberian infectious disease specialist has left the Country for two weeks in the United States will form part of scholars and researchers in the United States to participate in the 2014 Translational Health Disparities Course at the National Institute of Health.

The National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities is the research arm of the Department of Health and Human Services of the US Government. It is the single largest research entity in the world with an annual budget of approximately US$25 billion.

Dr. Stephen Kennedy, Secretary General of the Liberia Post Graduate Program, along with other scholars and researchers will discuss a wide range of relevant topics in addressing health disparities. They will also address issues sufficiently specific and stimulating to inspire scholarships.

The aim of the conference of researchers and scholars is to make the most of the best, and hope to offer the opportunity for mutual learning about health disparities science, effective policies and practices. Dr. Kennedy, who left Liberia on Friday, August 8, is expected to return to the Country in the mid-September.

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