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Liberian international artist Kzee stresses cultural values

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One of the Liberia’sinternational artists based in Australia,Kolando Baby Zulu, popularly known as ‘Kzee-Bigname’ urges local musicians here to produce songs or music that portrays Liberian culture.

Speaking to this paper in an exclusive interview via mobile recently, the multiple Gbema (a gener of music that portray Liberian culture) awards winner disclosed that being a strong advocate for women’s right, he thought it necessary to dedicate portion of songs on his upcoming album to speak against continuous violence women face daily in Liberia.

Since the Liberian superstar announced the date to release his latest album, the social media has had no peace, as fans and music lovers in and out of Liberia take to their Facebook and Instagram pages to comment about the up-coming album that is still being cooked in studio.

According to Kzee-bigname, when growing up as a refugee in Ghana, he carefully followed various kinds of genre in the musical industry and decided that Gbema music was the only music that would fulfill him as an artist, noting that it speaks and showcases the tradition and culture of the country he represented in a foreign land.

The Gbema king said he also studied sounds of musical legends that he saw as role models in the music industry and created his own modern form of Gbemamusic that has spread in the industry like wild fire.

Even though Kzee-Bigname is not the first Liberian artist who is active in Gbema music, other local musicians here before him such as CeasarGartor, FatuGayflor, Junior Boy or African Soldier, spiced their music with heavy drum beats that are characteristic of most songs on the Continent. But the international artist is responsible for the re-emergence and popularization of the genre in Liberia’s post-war music history.

Kzee-Bigname also said growing up as refugee, he had a dream that through him, the world wouldexperience and embrace the traditional music of his homeland, noting that today, that dream is being realized though not on a huge scale.

“I am currently working on an album that has high anticipation from my management, fans and music lover all around the world and this album will consist of multiple international features.”

Recalling his past, the Gbema King added that as a refugee he struggled and produced Kakaleka Babies, which became an immediate success in Liberia and Ghana.
Encouraging more artists to follow his foot path in the industry, Kzee-bigname narrated that since he was crowned king of Gbema music, no other artist have challenged him for the title and that he keeps winning awardseach time he gets nominated.

Kzeeis known for his rapping and singing skills in various kinds of Gbema beat.

Gbema is a form of traditional Liberian music that incorporates lots of congos, bongos, kick drums, rhythm guitars and bass sounds that increases tempo of songs.Theinternational artist believes as an artistit is important to stick to a root that inspires the next generation to appreciate the rich Liberian Culture.

By Ben P. Wesee–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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