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Liberian Movie Hits West Africa

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A Liberian movie entitled ‘Hatred’ has hit the West African region, and is said to be making headways in the movie industry. The production is expected to be formally launched on September 15, 2012 at a local hotel in Monrovia.

According to Mr. Mulbah Morlu, one of the key actors in the movie, the project was shot and filmed 100% on Liberian soil, spanning over a two year period, utilizing the rareness of the lavish countryside, beautiful landscape and great cultural heritage.

“Hatred” reminisces classic Liberian traditions practiced of old, but now left buried under the ruining practice of foreign culture. “It’s a mirror through which the traditional method of reconciliation and unbeatable entertainment is brought to light to give meaning to a history lost through the ages of conflict and neglect, Morlu told the New Dawn Monday.

He said the movie will make great impact on National Reconciliation. Over 24 public figures were auditioned, with Mulbah Morlu, an outstanding campaigner for justice, selected. The Directing maestro of Director Courage ‘The Rock’ Borbor transformed amateurs into professionals as they displayed rare talents before the camera.

Experienced actors, Josephine Blamo and Aloysius Taylor (King Wulu) were topmost rising stars fulfilling roles no one could have done better.

In its entirety, “Hatred”, which is already widely rated as Liberia’s first international Movie, is also the first locally produced film to cost over a staggering US$50,000 dollars.

Morlu said the directors and producers were skillful in recreating and maintaining the richness of ancient traditional values, while spicing the finished product in an extraordinary visual masterpiece.

The hostility synthetically exists between two rival kingdoms; the self-styled Krahn Kingdom of Grand Gedeh, and the Flamboyant Gio/Mano Kingdom of Nimba, the hometown of young Prince Dahn whose father’s death created a vacuum of opportunity that could only be filled by a married Prince.

The plots, schemes and maneuvers to win the hearts of powerbrokers set the stage for the intensification of clannish “HATRED” that was to threaten the stability of a family and two kingdoms, a tragedy that headed for chaos. Would intermarriage between the rival kingdoms prevent the doom?

This huge album of precious quality would amount to nothingness without the professional delivering ability of a carefully selected cast. The Director again worked out a marvelous combination where every cast, every value, and every quality counts.

To elevate the standard to conventional proportions, and ensure the right combination, Nigeria’s superstar & UN Peace Ambassador, Oge Okoye was cast alongside Ghanaian counterpart, Ruffy Samuel. The explosive combination of the two had so much lasting effect on the rest of the domestic crew.

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