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Liberian Red Cross celebrates International Volunteer Day

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In observance of International Volunteer Day here, the Liberia National Red Cross Society demands greater recognition of the sizeable contribution volunteers continue to make in a world increasingly confronted with complex humanitarian challenges such as natural disasters, diseases, war, and armed violence, poverty, hunger, and climate change.
According to a press release, the Liberian Red Cross notes that volunteers are frequently on the front lines of these emergency responses, exposing themselves to serious risk but their sacrifices and dedication are underappreciated and sometimes go unrecognized.

The Secretary General of the LNRCS Ambullai Perry describes effort of volunteers as incredible and must not go unrecognized. He says this year has been filled with many successes and heartfelt moments for the Liberian Red Cross.
He continues that on this day, the LNRCS sincerely recognizes and appreciates volunteers’ efforts in supporting and advancing its lifesaving humanitarian mission in communities while underscoring the profound commitment of the volunteers to the work they do and to those they serve together.

The LNRCS says it is deeply thankful, amazed, and inspired by such efforts of its volunteers to provide comfort, hope, and kindness to people who face extreme emergency and disaster. “The excellence of our volunteers drives our success in time of our humanitarian and emergency operations”, Mr. Perry said at the Volunteer Day celebration on Thursday, 05 December.

The Red Cross Volunteers continue to provide invaluable services to countless communities around the globe. “We can’t forget their impact of kindness to our society. Everyone should appreciate our volunteers for the impressive work they do without pay for the sake of humanity”, the LNRCS Secretary General said.

International Volunteer Day (IVD) is an opportunity to promote volunteerism, encourage greater support to volunteer efforts and recognize volunteer contributions in addressing vulnerability and building resilient communities.
Commemorating the Day this year under the global theme: “Volunteer for an inclusive future”, Mr. Perry also encourages all volunteers that it’s more important than ever that they strive to be kind to others, and that they model inclusiveness and respect towards those whose points of view may differ from theirs.

“Our humanitarian acts of kindness are what define us as Red Crossers, and our actions can be sources of comfort for others”, he asserts, while he wishing all volunteers and their families a safe, peaceful and joy-filled IVD 2019.
The Liberian Red Cross is present in every county and district of Liberia with its dedicated volunteers to building stronger communities and addressing key humanitarian challenges of Health and Care, Disaster Risk Reduction and Food Security and Livelihood. Press Release

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