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Liberian wins African German 2018 Award

AGA is a non-profit organization establish by young German-Africans since 2008 in Hamburg, Germany. According to dispatch, the organization was founded in honour of the late Dr. Steeve Smith, who died in 1999 in a fight for African student’s right to equal education in Hamburg, Germany.

The internationally acclaimed prize is awarded annually to an African who fights courageously to promote the rights of fellow Africans. Since 2008, the message of the AGA winner has extraordinary impacted and demonstrated to millions of people globally that change is certain.

The organization also invests 20,000 Euros ($ 25,000) for projects in a winner’s country. Abdullah Sesay was born in a Monrovia slum community, West Point Township on April 7, 1997.

According to him, he began his advocacy at age seven, in a ghetto known for gangs, poverty and a place generally associated with sarcastic remarks such as “nothing good can come from here.”

The name Sesay was seen as a hope for many children coming up in this western, seaside township. Between 2009-2010, he brought together children from seven zones within the township and established a children’s organization called “The United Children’s Club.”

Speaking to reporters upon his return from Germany, the African German Award winner for 2018 says he was proud to have won the African German Award for 2018, noting that he will do everything possible to promote African culture that he claims has been lost.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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