Liberian wins kickboxing championship


A Liberian international Victor Nagbe has won the World Middleweight Kickboxing Championship held in Australia. According to Sports Extra, a page owned by Liberian female sports writer, Matina Brooks, he is the first Australian-based Liberian kickboxer to have won such championship, fearlessly standing 17ft.

centimeters with an impressive 67 wins from 56fights. Nagbe was borned in Liberia, West Africa, but fled the civil war here at age five along with his mother and two sisters to Australia.

He was introduced to the first stage of the game Muay Thai at age 16.Muay Thai soon became a necessity in Victor’s life like breathing. So when he finished high school, fighting became a full time job.

Recently, Victor returned to Melbourne, Australia to further pursue his passion after living in Thailand and fighting all over Asia.  “I really want to take this time to thank my nutritionist James bee for looking after me and making sure I cut my weight the right way. And also all supplements that makes sure I eat well”, he said. 

“All I can say, thank God for this victory. Thanks all my beautiful people, who supported my journey and everyone, who believe in me! A big thanks for my Power Play Team, for my trainer and mentor. Thanks for my beautiful family, my dad, sisters, brothers and for my wonderful wife, who’s always there for me. Thanks for my young talented brother Mr. Shugga for the support and the great music.” According to him, Liberia a land of history making first in first… Quote from the New WKBF world champion.

By Winston W. Parley

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