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Liberians are desperate for empowerment

The political leader of the opposition United People’s Party or UPP McDonald A. Wentoe has stressed that Liberians are actually desperate for empowerment to improving their standard of life.

He said the availability of skills empowerment will help reduce the high rate of poverty that is currently confronting the entire youth population across the country, saying “Liberians want possibility and opportunity to meet their dreams.”

The UPP is the dream child of the father of multi-party democracy in Liberia, the late iconic Gabriel Baccus Matthews, who challenged and brought down over a century of one party rule here.
Speaking over the weekend at program marking the induction of newly elected officials of the campus-based Student Integrated Movement party or SIM held at the Main Campus of the University of Liberia on Capitol Hill, the UPP leader further indicated that Liberians need education that will give them skills to compete for jobs in order to improve their livelihood.
According to him, they want to see a government that will operate with transparency, accountability and fair justice system, which the UPP is no exception to in Liberia, if given state power in the upcoming 2017 Presidential and Representative Elections.

He said upon winning elections, an UPP-led government will prioritize food security to ensure self-sufficiency in food. “Liberians need food security to ensure that the country remains healthy, Liberians need political stability and harmony so that everyone life can be secured.”

He stressed that Liberian schools are not actually doing enough to help citizens enjoy as a result of weak public policy response, adding that Liberian schools are producing graduates that unemployable, something he described as sadden for the country. He noted that one of the reasons why Liberia’s educational system is not improving is due to lack of textbooks, pamphlets, and other resourceful materials that will enable pupils to have good access to learning.

Mr. Wento however, thanked the Student Integrated Movement for its continued efforts towards self-improvement after 30 years of existence and noted that his selection to serve as keynote speaker clearly signals the student party is totally moving towards growth in its academic sojourn.

By Zee Roberts

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