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Liberians deserve nothing, but service leadership

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Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, President of the Liberian Senate, sounded a reawakening call to senators of the 54th Liberian Legislature Monday, 11 January 2020, reminding them that with the constitutional authority they have, there should be no more excuses, apologies and promises for another day in delivering services to the people.

“…For truth being told, you are members of the First Branch of Government and you have the full authority to make their dreams come true”, VP Taylor bluntly said as members of the 54th Legislature that includes both the Senate and the House of Representatives returned to the Capitol Monday after their annual break.

Truth of the matter is, not that lawmakers on Capitol Hill are ignorant of their responsibilities to the electorate, who in the first place gave them the power they wield, but for greed and sheer selfishness, representatives and senators just turn their backs on the people, once they get the power.

Most often, they never complete projects embarked upon in their respective constituencies during the entire tenure in office until the year of election then they run back to their constituents, seeking re-election. Of the 15 senators that contested in the December 8, 2020 special senatorial election, only two returned, accompanied by new faces.

This result clearly indicates that voters had never received services promised by politicians in their campaigns. For instance, in Maryland County, southeast Liberia where Speaker Bhofal Chamber hails from, citizens, including marketers and educators are enraged over abandoned projects that should have benefited their lives.

It is not only sad, but highly disappointing that elected officials would renege on delivering services promised to the people, but always want to represent them in the First Branch of Government. In reality, they get elected to serve their personal interests rather than the people.

Vice President Jewel Taylor herself a former senator, flared some of the burning issues confronting Liberians generally, ranging from insecurity, banknotes shortage, high cost of living, a sluggish economy characterized by lack of basic services and distrust and mistrust, amid allegations and counter-allegations.

In all of these, the common man in the street feels the pinch more, because he stands at the margin of society and is therefore, the first to take the shocks. Yet, politicians always go to him and other poverty-stricken citizens across the country for votes with wide promises that they don’t really intend to deliver.

Vice President Taylor is challenging lawmakers to make a complete turn-around and prioritize welfare of the people: justice and security, economy, reconciliation and unity, opportunities and development.

We join Madam Taylor in sending this message down the minds of lawmakers returning at the Capitol. Our people deserve better. Service delivery should take priority in all businesses that would come on the floor in the interest of the people, rather than the other way around.

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