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Liberians living in fear

--After discovery of ammunition in Nimba

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Several Liberians have expressed concerns of fear and worry over the discovery of ammunition in Ganta City, Nimba County. 

In an interview with this paper Tuesday, 11 April 2023, several Liberians said the discovery of the ammunition in Nimba has created panic and insecurity among citizens and foreign residents ahead of this year’s elections.

“This is completely alarming and worrisome, the continued discovery of firearms in the country. We need the intervention of the international community,” one of those interviewed said.

Over one thousand rounds of ammunition have been discovered in Blagay Town community, Ganta, Nimba County, causing unease among residents.

The ammunition, totaling one thousand ninety-three pieces, are believed to be AK-47 and GMG rounds along with seven empty shells. They were turned over to the Ganta Police detachment. 

Nimba County was the birthplace of the 1989 rebel incursion in Liberia by jailed former Liberian president Charles Taylor, thru Butuo, a border town.

Liberians have said they are living in extreme fear because the constant discovery of guns across the country looks somehow sinister and political. They have accused the government of allegedly refusing to bring any culprit to book.

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“Do you know what it means just few months to election and we are seeing and discovering arms all over the place? This shows that we are no longer safe in Liberia during these election period,” they noted.

Amelia Konneh, a resident of Carey Street in Central Monrovia has launched an appeal for the Liberian government’s timely investigation of the matter.

For his part, James Massaquoi, a local street vendor described Liberia as an unsaved state. In the interview, he suggested that the country needs the intervention of the international community.

According to him, they are finding it difficult to survive in Liberia, and hearing news about the discovery of arms across the country continuously shows that there is something crazy that someone is planning.

“We found guns the other time at the Freeport of Monrovia. On Monday again, additional guns were discovered in Nimba,” said Massaquoi.

“This thing has some big hands behind it and I think they want to destroy this country for us,” he alleged. 

Massaquoi noted that the government has to tell the citizens who is bringing these guns into the country and for what reason.

According to him, they are living in total fear in their own country, saying they need an investigation.

Following discovery of the ammunition in Nimba, the Police Commander there, Archie Dennis, took delivery of them along with empty shells. 

A 16-year-old lad made the discovery when he had gone to clean the backyard of his parent’s home. Arlington Gbosue could not believe his eyes and immediately alarmed, drawing residents’ attention.

The area is adjacent the residence of a notorious Ivorian armed robber Abu Weamie, who is currently detained at the Sanniqullie Center Prison in Sanniquellie City, Nimba.

Arms had also been discovered buried in other parts of the country, including Lofa County that was heavily contested by rival armed factions during the civil war.

The commercial district has suffered several armed robberies with suspects arrested for being in possession of automatic weapons and ammunition.

Besides, Liberian Joint Security forces assigned at the Ganta-Guinea border have arrested several persons with single-barrel guns and rounds.

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