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Liberians need vigorous leadership

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn Liberia-Senator Jallah

Senator Armah Jallah of Gbarpolu County has stressed that if Liberians were to be given the chance to revive their economy and restore their prosperity, they need vigorous leadership and understanding at all levels.

He says firstly, there is need to assist Liberians’ efforts for agricultural and industrial development and diversification, which means an expansion of credit incentive to modernize, develop resources, and clean up  polluted rivers, adding, “And the national government can do for us what we must do for ourselves.”

He says secondly, Liberians must reverse the serious decline in the agriculture sector. The Senator says through a programme of farm modernization, investment in small holder farming, with time ahead and with full use of valuable weapons against excessive imports, research, developed skills training, Liberia can once again lead the way to greatness.

Speaking  Wednesday, 4 February when he was certificated by the managing editor for the Youth Voices, Sen. Jallah said thirdly, Liberians must work together to establish decent, adequate and fair national standards of minimum wages. “The adjustment of the minimum wage must be a priority agenda at our present Legislative sitting. By assuring working Liberians of a living wage, by assuring unemployed Liberians that they will be able to find a job to meet the basic necessities of life, we make Liberia indeed competitive and strong.”

He said fourthly, Liberians must enact an area redevelopment law for the City of Monrovia, by expanding its reach and developing slum communities and areas in need of government assistance, saying, “It would provide areas of chronic unemployment with the tools which can bring new industry and new jobs to men, who want to work, have the capacity to work but are unable to find work. I will continue to fight for this program in whatever capacity I am serving this year to help our distressed areas help themselves.”

Senator Jallah said the need to provide equal opportunities for all Liberians of all races and beliefs is a programme of national calling. He said these are programs for the nation – for they meet national needs and will bring new faith, hope and new progress to all Liberians.

Sen Jallah said the president and Legislature cannot do it alone, that all Liberians must join hands and help in the development of Liberia.

By Bridgett Milton

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