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Liberians should commit to God

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The General overseer of the Royal Family Christian Fellowship in Logan Town, Bushrod Island Rev. Dr. David G. Badio has called on his congregation, and Liberians at large to commit their lives to God’s words instead of doing things that will not represent Liberia as a Christian nation.

Rev. Badio said the difficulties Liberia is faced with today derive from every citizen, saying “We have forgot where God took us from as a nation; We’re quick to call on God whenever we are faced with challenges and difficulties that life brings, but when God intervenes in our situation, everything becomes easy for us.”

He spoke on Sunday, 10 April at his church edifice in Logan Town during program marking the acceptance of newly baptized and confirmed candidates, seeking church membership. “In the absence of togetherness and a sense of one purpose, the much anticipated national recovery of the nation will not be achieved”, Dr. Badio noted.

He said baptizing the new members was not only to Christianize them but to provide the opportunity that will set the platform that would enable them to understand God’s words, and to know how to relate the Gospel to others meaningful citizens, who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

According to him, it’s about time Church Leaders rise up and pray for God’s blessing and protection upon their lives, reminding, “Because we can have everything including jobs, money but when God is not with us, no one will live to boost of riches.”

The clergyman said it is not good for people to look up to authority or call on national government for little things that they want, noting that everywhere is getting crowded, including prisons only because the proper mechanism that will guide youth, including every citizen is not implemented.

“I strongly believe that the path to permanent peace lies in the immediate deployment of an international intervention force. Unless urgent action is taken, we fear that the current violence in Liberia will escalate, risking once again West African, because when people don’t have fear for God, then violence comes about”, he added.

Dr. Badio said for too long the children of Liberia, and the West Africa region have lost the precious days of childhood to war and have carried guns, with too many losing parents, homes and their education to war.

Meanwhile, the general overseer said the vision of the Royal Family Christian Fellowship is to put the house in order, saying “This is in the sense of making needed correction and making needed preparation in working with God. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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