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Liberians should remain alert -international health practitioner cautions

A Professor of International Health, Hans Rosling, is cautioning Liberians to be on the alert for other diseases and not Ebola alone, noting that the virus hides among other diseases. Professor Rosling says he is in Liberian to work along with Liberians to fight the deadly Ebola virus.

Speaking Monday, 17 November at a regular press briefing hosted by the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism on Capitol Hill, he says id that Liberians should be on the alert for others diseases and not Ebola along because Ebola hides among other diseases.

Professor Rosling explains that the Ebola virus originated from the Democratic Republic of Congo and went to Uganda and later around the world, living in animals. He noted that the international community was too slow in coming to the aid of Liberians to fight the virus but they are now planning to construct Ebola Treatment Unit for 100 beds in every county across Liberia.

According to him, there is no way Ebola can be different from other sicknesses like Malaria, fever and diarrhea except a test is run through a Laboratory, emphasizing the need to have laboratories in all Ebola Treatment Units to be able to treat other diseases.

”The virus is stupid, sunshine kills the virus. Liberians should be cleaver than the stupid Ebola virus”, Professor Rosling added. He called on Liberians to report every suspected case to help fight the virus, saying cremation in Liberia was not meant for safe burial; it was made because the government never had a suitable place for burial.

Professor Rosling  recounted that Liberia is experiencing a serious drop in the Ebola virus, detailing that in September, 30 persons died of Ebola each day but  now that figure has seriously dropped.

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