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Liberians speak on Eugene Fahngon’s suspension

Liberians home and abroad are hailing President George Manneh Weah for suspending controversial Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon, urging the president not to rest until he uproots all the bad seeds from government.

The suspended controversial Deputy Information Minister for Press and Public Affairs, Mr. Fahngon faced President Weah’s wrath this week over his persistent use of social media Facebook to propagate divisive messages against those he calls Congo – Liberians.

Facebook has been flooded with reactions by Liberians, many of whom have been hailing the president’s decision.

Following the president’s decision, our reporter spoke with a number of citizens to get their reactions.

“I will like to say bravo to the people’s president for the first bold step taken,” student Abraham Varney of privately run United Methodist University (UMU) says.

But he says there are a lot of people in President Weah’s government that do not mean well for the president and the country they claim to be serving.

Student Varney indicates that he expected this long time ago, expressing belief that more heads will follow to safe the face of the country.

“…People who are in government that supposed to be preaching peace message, are the same people causing division among their citizen. You read what the American Embassy statement said, that should be a strong warning to the president to act now, “MotherHawa Cooper of the God’s Divine Healing Ministry told marketers at the Waterside Market.

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“Pres. Weah must succeed through our help. Deceptive elements must be cleared from his immediate surrounding,” Lewis Dennis posted on his Facebook page.

SiattaDukuly of the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) on camp Johnson Road pointed out that Fahngon’s suspension should be a warning to other government officials.

She urges officials here to focus on their jobs as Liberia is above every individual.

She calls on President Weah not to reinstate suspended Minister Fahngon.

She argues that social media is not a platform for government … to cause division among its citizen, noting that the American Embassy’s statement was not just limited to government officials, but Liberians as a whole.

“This is one thing Eugene Fahngon has been doing since his ascendency to Deputy Minister post. He has been very divisive and rude in his word mostly on the social media. Fighting sitting lawmaker was not just enough, insulting the media,” Siatta says.
By Ben P. Wesee–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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