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Liberians warned against dumping garbage at Palm Grove Cemetery

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Social worker Mr. Jefferson H.B. Carter has expressed dismay over the continuous dumping of waste and feces at the Palm Grove Cemetery on Center Street by some Liberians, noting that this is creating grave health implications for people using that route and also giving the facility a bad image.

Some unscrupulous individuals have selected the national cemetery which has been shut down by the government for their garbage and feces, ignoring the serious health problems it potentially poses to nearby residents. The Palm Grove Cemetery was officially declared closed to the public by former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf during her second-term in office.

Raising awareness about the prevailing health implications associated with the presence of garbage and feces at the cemetery, Mr. Carter warns that if the situation is not controlled, many persons stand the risk of developing health problems.

Mr. Carter, a student of the University of Liberia (UL) notes that it is unfortunate and shameful for Liberians to use the grave site of their fellow fallen compatriots as a dumpsite. The Liberian social worker calls on the relevant institutions including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) to act now by removing the garbage dumped at the cemetery.

He also admonishes the two government institutions to ensure that the bush which has overtaken the cemetery be brushed continuously as a means of giving the area a face-lift during the festive seasons.
He further calls for the arrest and prosecution of anyone involved in the dumping of waste at the cemetery. Mr. Carter particularly requests the Monrovia City Corporation to relocate the waste management site from Center Street to a suitable area.

As the situation stands, flies, roaches and rats leave the dumpsite and make their way into nearby homes for their. This is highly a health risk because cooked street food sellers near the cemetery are having a challenging moment in combating these dangerous insects as their customers battle to contain the flies while eating. Liberia remains challenged in terms of good hygiene practice.

By Emmanuel Mondaye

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