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Liberia’s covid cases on a decline

Chief Medical Officer says

By Winston W. Parley

Liberia’s covid cases have seen a decline in the number of new infections in the last one week Chief Medical Officer Dr. Francis Karteh says but warned the public to exercise caution.

 “Definitely, there was a significant decline … and I am so grateful to the people of Liberia, you know like I always said, nobody wants to restrict the privileges of individuals and so forth. But if we all can make a sacrifice, definitely the sooner we do that, the better we all can be,” he told local broadcaster OK FM Monday morning, 12 July in Monrovia.

Dr. Karteh said with the sacrifices that everyone has made, Liberia has “seen a decline,” but cautions that “we should not start celebrating” because when dealing with an infectious disease and you break the curve, it goes up and down until you get to a specific area.

“So this one week of intensive decline does not indicate that we are out of the woods. So … we all need to continue to do what we are doing, wearing our masks, washing hands as often as we can, social distancing, and you know, decrease on this jolly, jolly a little and I think you know, if we all work together, we can get there,” he added.

At the Covid treatment unit, he said there are 42 persons and there is also a decline in the number of admissions there, noting that 37 of the 42 are oxygen-dependent, which means that they are severe.

He indicated further that five persons were discharged from the treatment unit and in the past 24 hours, there was no new death.

Dr. Karteh revealed that overall Liberia has about 2,465 active Coronavirus cases, but health authorities will be clearing out most of the people because they have either completed their home-based care treatment, and it will bring the number down significantly.

“Active cases now [are] about 2,465. We will be clearing that out because most of the people have either completed … their home-based care treatment and so we will be clearing those out. So that would bring the number down significantly if we do not have a high rise in total new cases,” he said.

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The Chief Medical Officer stated that cumulative death is 144, and other deaths are still being investigated, pending confirmation from the rapid test.

He said for the entire last week, Liberia had a cumulative of 286 new Covid cases, compared to the week before when Liberia recorded its highest cumulative Covid cases of 1,134 in a single week since the outbreak last year.  

“This week, cumulative for the week came down to 286. So for the entire week, last week we had 286 new cases,” Dr. Karteh said.

He explained that at the start of this week, which was Sunday, 11 July, Liberia had 50 new Covid cases, adding that cumulatively since Covid hit Liberia, “We have now 5,215 … cumulative cases.”

Regarding vaccination, he said authorities are doing everything they can to make sure that they get vaccines in the country as soon as possible.

For those who took their first dose of the vaccines, he explained that they have between eight weeks to twelve weeks to take their second dose, noting that whatever it is, everyone will get their second dose taken.

He urged the public to be a little bit patient as authorities look at the probability of other vaccines that may come, saying even if AstraZeneca does not come and Liberia gets the Johnson & Johnson or the Pfizer, the best decision will be made for the people.

“So like I said, there’s a possibility of getting Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, or AstraZeneca. Whichever one we get first, then we can go into those discussions,” he said.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/liberia-records-over-3000-confirmed-covid-19-cases/

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