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Liberia’s development rests on public servants

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Montserrado County senatorial aspirant Thomas P. Fallah has said developing Liberia rests on the shoulders of public servants.
He said though the primary responsibility on government to construct roads and other infrastructure, public officials should buttress such efforts.

“You can’t be in government and say it’s not your responsibility to construct road, or build a school for your people; while it’s true that building roads is the government priority, but as public servant, you can contribute to government by undertaking developmental initiatives in your communities”, he added.

Currently incumbent Representative for the Montserrado County district#5, Fallah made the comments when he launched a special tuition reduction program over the weekend in New Kru Town, district# 16 at the Bushrod College of Technology upon invitation from former representative and Chief Executive Officer of the college, Dr. Edward S. Forh.

He called on public officials to prioritize development, noting that if Liberia would get on the right trajectory, it’s important government officials embark on community initiatives rather than just tongue lash national government. He said if only people who had served in government had embarked on community initiatives rather than just benefiting themselves and their immediate families, the entire country would have experienced development significantly.

“Not all of the time you say government or president, but when you are giving national platform whether as a representative or a senator, you are under obligation to develop your country”, he said.

Rep. Fallah is aspiring for the senatorial seat of Montserrado. He noted that while it’s true national government should be held to account, critics of the administration, including incumbent officials should do something in their communities to demonstrate their love for the country.

“What is your role to help government change the lives of its people, because you’re being paid by taxpayers’ money; anyone that is in the direction to buttressing government’s efforts such person must be celebrated”, he added.

For his part, the CEO of the Bushrod College of Science and Technology Dr. Forh said coming from a slum community, the college will play a significant impact in the lives of residents, saying “Our people don’t have the luxury of finances to send their children to schools that offer high credit hours.”

Dr. Forh said after consultation with several persons, the college has decided to start a program in support of government’s Pro-poor Agenda for Peace and Prosperity or PAPD, specifically, its pillar on education.

By Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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