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Liberia’s economy is horrible and messy

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-PLP Chairman Paye

Former Unity Party Chairman, now National Chairman for the opposition People Liberation Party (PLP) Wilmot Paye describes the economy of Liberia under the Weah administration as “horrible and messy.”

Speaking to Prime FM Tuesday, 13 April in Monrovia he expressed serious frustration over the governance of the country by the Coalition for Democratic Change-led government, lamenting that thousands of citizens go to bed daily on empty stomach.

“The economy is horrible, even though we don’t pray to be like Zimbabwe where you will be printing additional banknotes whenever there’s a difficulty.

But we in the opposition particularly, the PLP are hoping that leaders know exactly what they are up to, because if they are not careful, there will be a difficult situation at the end of the day.”

Chairman Paye was alluding to recent approval by the Liberian Senate for the Central Bank of Liberia to print new family of Liberian banknotes, totaling over LRD48 billion.

He says instead of officials making claims and counter-claims about the printing of new bank notes, all they can now do is to sit down and take a critical look at issues in the country’s monetary sector and where they originated from, and further find out what the U.S. Kroll Report says, establish whether all of its recommendations were implemented.

Paye continues that if those recommendations have been implemented, then there is need to also look at what is contained in the Central Bank’s request to print additional banknotes, stressing that government must take a critical look at.

“We need concrete actions to be taken instead of talking; we are saying this because we really don’t need any rocket scientist to tell us how bad our economy is.”

He had earlier urged Liberians to form a united front to democratically take back their country from those he called “evil and corrupt” forces existing in national leadership to suppress growth and development, and accumulate ill-gotten wealth to the detriment of the citizenry.

Paye observes that for too long, Liberia has been faced with leadership deficit, so it is now time for citizens to roll up their sleeves and join the new political movement to help redeem the nation. By Lewis S. Teh

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