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Liberia’s latest COVID-19 advisory

The National Public Health Institute of Liberia in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization (WHO) institute several advisory for people who might undergo precautionary observation on the Coronavirus or COVID-19 upon entering Liberia.

Among others, the advisory says only travelers who have critical functions in Liberia and are travelling from countries that have 200 or more cases of COVID-19 should enter the country at this time.

In an advisory posted on its official website Sunday, 8 March PHIL stresses that any person, who within 14 days before arriving in Liberia, has resided in a country that has reported 200 or more confirmed cases, will have to undergo Precautionary Observation (PO) under either of the following conditions:

Travelers whose embassies or missions have identified an isolated residence in Liberia that is verified by the PHIL health team will be taken to that identified place for the 14-day period of observation, and monitor their temperature twice daily.

Liberia has not reported any confirmed case of the virus, but Nigeria, in the subregion has reportedly suffered one death The advisory continues that affected embassies and/or missions will provide the names of those travelers prior to their arrival in the country to ensure a smooth entry process and the visitors will be given specific instructions on self-monitoring and reporting of symptoms should they arise.“All other persons will be taken to the Star Base or other designated Precautionary Observation Center for 14 days”, it adds.

As of March 5, 2020 these countries of interest requiring 14 days of observation include China (80,409 cases), South Korea (6,088 cases), Italy (3,858 cases), Iran (3,513), France (377 cases), Germany (349cases), Japan (317 cases), and Spain (200 cases).

Meanwhile, visitors coming to Liberia, who have been in countries with 50 to 200 confirmed cases (with infections that are widespread) in the last 14 days will be evaluated based on the specific geographical area they visited, according to PHIL.

It says PO will be instituted if they are from the region or state of the country with 100 or more confirmed cases. These countries include, USA (129 cases), Singapore (177 cases), United Kingdom (155 cases), Hong Kong (104 cases), Netherland (82 cases), Kuwait (56 cases), Australia (52 cases) and Malaysia (50 cases), respectively.

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Visitors from countries with 15 to 50 cases will be documented and asked to do self-monitoring and report immediately to PHIL’s emergency phone number (4455) if they experience any of the following symptoms: fever cough and respiratory distress, the advisory concludes.

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