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Liberia’s ‘poor state’ saddens former Chief Justice 

By Lincoln G. Peters

Former Liberian Chief Justice Cllr. Frances Johnson-Allison says she is saddened, dismayed, and disappointed over the country’s poor and worsening state under the leadership of President George Manneh Weah.

Cllr. Johnson – Allison who once chaired the National Elections Commission (NEC) during former President Sirleaf’s administration, told a cross-section of political parties’ women Wednesday, 17 August 2022 in Monrovia that she is not happy with the poor state of the country.

“Are you happy with the way things are going today in our country? If you are, then for me I am not happy at all,” she said at a meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

“The country is worse than before and I do not know what else to say, especially my capital city Monrovia.” 

Cllr. Johnson – Allison lamented that when she drives around and sees feces all around in the street, it doesn’t make her happy.  

She said she is not happy and she knows that the leadership is not doing her any favor or any good. 

“And so with that, what should we do is to vote them out,’’ Cllr. Johnson-Allison urged the political parties women.

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According to her, the Constitution of Liberia provides for the people to replace their government and leaders through the democratic process.

She said this can be done by rejecting their leaders during elections as also indicated within the social contract theory when they are not happy with their government.

“We have elections because when you are not happy with the first group of people you voted for, you have a chance to remove them,” she explained.

“Do not go in the bush and take guns but you wait for elections and remove those people and look for better people that will seek the interest of the country,” she said.

According to her, leadership is what controls the country, and so if you put somebody who does not have leadership [ability] and lacks the interest of others, they should be voted out.

She warned that Liberians will continue to be in the mess if such leaders are not voted out.

She challenged the women to reflect carefully on their interests before they can make any decision in 2023.

She admonished that their country should be more important to them than any political party or a person.

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