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‘Liberia’s security under threat’

--SUP Women Presidium alarms

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The Women Presidium of the University of Liberia (UL)-based Students Unification Party (SUP) says Liberia’s security is hanging in space and it’s under emersed internal threat under President George Manneh Weah’s leadership.

Addressing a press conference Tuesday, 7 March 2023 on the University of Liberia Capitol Hill campus, the group said the state’s security is under serious threat and violence because of the administration’s alleged continued failure to provide security protection and better livelihood for its citizen.

Comrade Olive Larmie, Chairperson of the Women Presidium of SUP mentioned that the security of Liberians is hanging in space.

She said President Weah and his alleged corrupt conglomeration of rogues like Samuel Tweah and Jefferson Koijee enjoy the protection of armed gunmen allegedly paid by the state. 

According to her, the masses of the Liberian people no longer feel secure because they have been rejected and left to fend for themselves, while the government officials of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) allegedly rape the national treasury and siphon the resources of the commonwealth.

“Our attention has been drawn to the recent murder of a young Liberian lady known as Charloe Musu, daughter of the erstwhile Chief Justice of Liberia and Senator of Maryland County Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott,” said Ms. Larmie.

“Our late sister was gruesomely murdered while protecting her mother. This attack was as macabre as it was unprovoked. Charloe committed no crime for which she had to die in such a painful manner.”

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However, Ms. Larmie condemned what she called a culture of violence against innocent citizens, especially the murder of the late daughter of Cllr. Scott.

According to her, Ms. Charloe Musu was not the only Liberian citizen who has died under such a condition. 

Ms. Larmie added that Charloe’s death carries the characteristic identity of other murders carried out across the country. 

Comrade Larmie indicated that whether it was Gifty Lamah, Princess Cooper, or the former Internal Audit Agency (IAA) boss, and the other government auditors, mysterious deaths have become commonplace in Liberia under this administration. 

“Liberia has become a safe haven for goons and thugs – bastards and madmen – who see human life as nothing important. The state has degenerated into a ghetto ruled by criminals and gangsters. The government is reckless and feckless,” she notes.

She narrated that the Presidium of the Vanguard Student Unification Party will remain unwavering, unbending, and uncompromising in ensuring that justice prevails for the former Chief Justice and her family as well as all those who have died under dubious circumstances. 

The female advocate pointed out that history has taught them that injustice is a recipe for chaos and national disaster, and as such, Charloe’s death contains all the ingredients capable of descending Liberia to the dark days.

She reflected that the dark days of the country were when machetes and guns were more powerful than books and pens.

She added that it was the days when the law of the jungle was more powerful than the rule of law, and where the law of animosity and the crude display of savagery was more important than the strength of the mind and the prowess of the intellect. 

“Charloe’s murder is a harsh reminder of the brutal reality we have faced under Mr. Weah’s administration. Her death is another litmus test, which the regime has once again failed,” lamented Ms. Larmie.

She stated that like those who have met their untimely demise, the fallen heroine was a victim of alleged state failure and governmental nonchalance combined with an irresponsible disposition towards the fundamental rights of Liberians as enshrined in the Constitution.

She averred that yet again, President Weah has proven that he is reckless and inept and has proven that he’s unfit to lead the country to better prosperity for all Liberians to enjoy freedom and liberty.

“Yet again, George Weah has written and signed his own dismissal letter. George Weah, the footballing president and irresponsible gambler and playboy, has proven that he’s not capable of protecting Liberians, the most important responsibility of any president who cares for his people,” she pointed out.

Ms. Larmie said in a very unapologetic and unequivocal tone, that they demand justice for Charloe Musu.

She indicated that they will never be moved in the slightest way by the fake display of sympathy being displayed by the morally debased and conscienceless elements of the Congress for Democratic Criminals (CDC).

“We will never settle for anything less than a full and speedy investigation, which must culminate into the arrest and subsequent incarceration of all those found culpable, regardless of which position they hold within the corrupt CDC government.”

“SUP, through its Women Presidium, has never known silence in the face of injustice and murderous orchestrations. And this won’t be the last time,” she concluded.

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