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Liberty Party protests Ellen’s appointments

The opposition Liberty Party (LP) of Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine is calling on the Liberian Senate not to confirm any appointments by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to tenure positions.

The LP in a release issued 14 June also admonishes the government to begin a culture of Presidential courtesy during transitions, specifically calling on President Sirleaf to take the first step by working with others to continue to develop the country’s democratic pattern.

The party seriously protests appointments to tenured positions being hurriedly made by President Sirleaf at the time the country is in transition.It says such appointments are coming at the time the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration has only three months of active duty and six months before official handover to the next government.

The LP emphasizes that it would be good if Madam Sirleafwould rely on the strength of her 12-year work as President of Liberia to seal her legacy rather than last minute appointments of officials who will survive her.

The Liberty Party says it does not believe that the Constitution of Liberia intends that the Legislature creates so many tenured positions, and that the President is acting in good faith when she saddles the incoming administration with so many appointments at the last minute.

The party concludes that out of deference to the incoming administration, it calls on President JohnsonSirleaf to refrain from making these appointments.

-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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