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LICTRA asks for more ICT centers

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The Liberia ICT Reporters Association or LICTRA,is calling on the Government of Liberia to provide support for the establishment of more Internet Communication Technology centers across the country.

LICTRA said creation of more ICT centers would enable residents of rural Liberia to have access to internet facilities and benefit from the new internet exchange point recently launched by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in Monrovia.

Addressing a news conference Tuesday, September 1, in Monrovia, LICTRA president, Ramsey T. Gorwor, said: “We like to call on national government to construct more ICT centers, and provide local and international scholarships as means of encouraging more Liberians into the ICT Sector”.

He said by doing this, it would introduce new skills that would lead to a sharp increment of jobs nationwide, while attracting foreign companies to Liberia. Since the civil war, we as a country have lacking behind in technology and the outcome has been the reverse on the social lives of the people.”

Gorwor noted that today, technology has fast expanded the horizon of the world thereby, making work easier and developing new skills, saying, “With the introduction of computers, there has been a paradigm shift in making information accessible to almost half of the world’s population.”

He told reporters that LICTRA was established with the intent to help disseminate information on the sector and ensure that people are distant from fears in ICT activities. The LICTRA president indicated also that his organization will get in touch with various sectoral heads to provide details regarding performance and challenges facing the system.

According to him, the association will report on all telecommunications related matters here, informing the public on emerging developments, adding, “We will initiate programs including the hosting of technology events including Ted Talk where every student from the ICT sector or entities will come together.”

He commended the Minister of Posta and Telecommunications, Dr. Frederick Norkeh and his team for constructing several ICT components at the ministry, including the chief information office and the project management office as well as the newly constructed ICT center in Grand Kru County by the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation, LIBTELCO under the watch of Mr. Sebastine Moah.

Meanwhile, the LICTRA boss has disclosed that the association will be launched formally on 10th September in Monrovia, he said the programs will bring together officials of government donors partners including, the Minister of post and telecommunication Dr. Fredrick Norkeh, LTA Boss madam Angelique Weeks, LIBTELCO Managing Director Sebastian Moah, PUL president Abdullah Kamara Reporters from various media institution, and members of the ICT Sector.

By Lewis S. Teh – Editing by Jonathan Browne

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