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Lies and deceptions

MICAT boss describes Boakai’s comments

By Lewis S Teh

Information Minister Ledgerhood Rennie says it is all lies and deceptions when former Vice President Joseph Boakai described the standard of the current education under this regime as deplorable.

“It’s astonishing for our former statesman to brand our education sector under this regime as deplorable. How would he not know or see the vast improvement in our education sector since this government took over to talk about it being deplorable,” Rennie told a well-attended press conference Friday at the Ministry of Information.

Rennie, a former Director-General of the Liberia Broadcasting Corporation in the same regime the Boakai served as Vice President described his former boss statement as a disservice to the rebranding efforts of the country.

“This is Politics of Deception, pretending not to know the truth. And we are all aware that statistics don’t lie, every time the Minister of Education gets on the radio he will provide statistics about results from our students, and school where our kids are making tremendous improvement. But it’s sadden for him to say all those negative things,” Rennie argued.

He, admitted, though that the educational system might not be what citizens wants it to be, for the former vice president to described it as deplorable is a politics of deception and total lies.

He narrated that for the first time since the civil war, there were more students passing the national examination while competing with their counterparts in the sub-region.

“We have to rise above the fray. The debate has to be different. We can’t continue to be thinking low,” the MICAT boss told local journalists here.

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Meanwhile, Rennie also took a swipe at the opposition bloc, and others he said are demonizing the country for their personal aggrandizement saying it has to stop. He said such demonization does no good to the country.

He argued that the politics of demonization and self-interest were some of the factors that led to the fourteen years of the civil war.

According to him, if an ordinary man accuses the government of corruption, and other things that is because he has little or no idea, but if an individual who is well placed like our religious leaders accusing the government of ritualistic killings it hurts. He opined that it hurts because these are people who should be preaching peace, and served as referees.

He further explained that “people in society whom we call moral pillars when they speak society must listen to them, but when they themselves start to tell petite lies than who do we run to for solutions he wonders.”

“Our people need to know that George Weah is a blessing to Liberia and he will do nothing to hurt this country and the people he cherishes so much.

Weah has no blood on his hands, the people that brought war here know them. But for our religious leaders to accuse this government of ritualistic killings it’s saddening.

If you don’t like his politicking that’s fine, but don’t link him to any killing, because he can’t even hurt a fly, his favorite message is peace.” Rennie narrated.

He used the occasion to call on the opposition bloc to bring their solutions to the table instead of demonizing the country- no one government has all of the solutions to the many challenges the country is face with, he stressed.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/education-minister-money-is-our-only-problem/

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