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Lift ban on student politics

-UMU Alumni President Sunny Doe

The President of the Alumni Association of the United Methodist University (UMU) SN Sunny Doe, is appealing to authorities of the University to lift the ban on student politics at the institution. According to him, the ban on politics on campus is a complete infringement on rights of students reading Public Administration and Political Science.

Mr. Doe emphasized that there is a need for authorities of the University to lift the ban to enable students put in practice what they are being taught. He spoke recently when the Association donated 50 bags of rice, oil and other anti-coronavirus materials to authorities of the University.

He assured the UMU authorities that if the band on politics is lifted, there would be smooth political activities on campus, adding that members of the Association are ready to work with the administration to move the institution forward.

Mr. Doe hailed instructors of the University for the good job they have been providing for the University over the years. For his part, the President of UMU Albert Coleman, thanked members of the Alumni Association for the donation and assured them of working together to move activities of the University forward, stressing that unity is vital in any giving society.

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