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Lıght Internatıonal School System celebrates Eid

Resıdents of Sinkor community last week benefited from huge quantities of cow meet distrıbuted among them by officials of the Lıght International School system.

Speaking on behalf of the Lıght International School System, Madam Jeroline Wright acknowledges that the distribution of cow meet among Liberians during every year Eıd (Abraham day’s) celebration has been going on for more than eight years.

Madam Wrıght saıd members of the Turkish community in Liberia are always in prayer for unıty among them as foreigners and the Liberian people and they are committed to humanitarian activities in the country.

Says Madam Jeroline “The Turkish people in Liberia are committed to humanitarian activity and every year especially during their Abraham Day’s celebration, they always slaughter cows and distributed it among residents of this Sinkor community and all over Monrovia but made it clear that the distribution is based on humanitarian reason and not for only members of the Muslim communıty or the less unfortunate.”

She emphasized that people within the city of Monrovia benefited from thıs year meet distribution and not only people of the Sinkor community and hoped that other counties would benefit in time to come.
All of the beneficiaries of the meet were given tickets before the day of the distribution and the the meet was put in plastic bags which she saıd helped to make the distribution process faster and very smooth.

Some of the beneficiaries described the meet distribution as timely because it helped to make the EİD celebration a happy day for them and members of their families and called on the Turkish people to help people of other counties that did not benefıt from this year distribution.

Mr. Andrew Mulbah saıd the Turkish people continue generosity toward the Lıberıan people has been very magnificent and that the meet each person got was enough to help make the day a happy one for hıs or her family members no matter he or she religious background.

Mustapha Fahnbulleh described members of the Turkish community continue kindness and generosity toward the Liberian people not a surprise because according to him, those people are Muslıms and it is the obligation of every Muslim to share with his or her fellow human as a whole no matter the person religious or ethnic background and hoped they will keep its on as times goes by.


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