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Light International School System clarifies teachers’ dismissal

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The Light International School System here has clarified the dismissal of four of its teachers saying, their dismissals were in line with the school’s handbook and the contract which they sign up to with the school.

The dismissed teachers are Adam Togba, Zeoboi P. Leck, Ibrahim Bility and Michael Jimmy.The teachers were dismissed after they refused to go to class despite repeated warning that they do so.

The school says on Monday August 17, 2020, after it resumes classes based on the Ministry of Education’s instruction, the four teachers refused to go to their respective classrooms to teach and instead demanded a meeting giving the school authority one-hour ultimatum to arrange a meeting.

The school Principal in return told the teachers that since the students were already seated in the classrooms, it would be better to go and teach first then have the meeting after classes.

The four teachers said no, arguing that it was the first day of school and that they did not come to teach but rather to have a meeting.

The teachers were given 5 minutes to go back to their classrooms. However, three of the teachers-Jimmy, Leck and Bility initially complied and went to their respective classrooms but stay for 10-20 minutes before leaving to join Adam who deliberately insisted that he wasn’t stepping into the classroom.
The four were absent from school on Monday August 17, Tuesday, August 18 and Wednesday August 19, without excuses.

Meanwhile, on Thursday the Frontpage Africa newspaper reported that the four teachers were threatened with dismissal because they requested for their just benefits, which is untrue. The teachers were dismissed because they refused to go their classes, which action of theirs is in violation of the school’s Handbook and the Contract the teachers signed with the school.

Thus on Friday August 21, the school decided to relieve them of their posts. The school notes that up to this day, it is yet to establish what their concerns are.

The school further notes that the absence of the four teachers will have no negative impact on the school as academic work is proceeding smoothly.

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