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Lightning strikes 2 dead

At least two females have reportedly been killed by lightning in Grand Gedeh County, southeast Liberia after two chickens mysteriously disappeared in a village. According to Fabric FM Radio correspondent in Grand Gedeh, the incident transpired over the week.

Lightning is flashes of light seen in the sky as a result of a discharge of atmospheric electricity in the clouds or between clouds and the ground, usually occurring during a thunderstorm.

The victims, names undisclosed, were reportedly between ages 30 and 40. They had hailed from Grand Bassa County and were residing in a town called Behwean.
A male resident of the town had made a public pronouncement about the mysterious disappearance of his two chickens in the town, asking anyone having knowledge about the chickens to come out and say so.

He subsequently threatened to consult a witch doctor to shoot lightning on anyone, who had something to do or was connected with the chickens’ disappearance, but one came out.

And so he reportedly instructed the witch doctor to shoot lightning to kill anyone responsible or directly involved with the missing chickens. Meanwhile, authorities from the town have apprehended the witch doctor for questioning as well as the chickens owner in connection with the death of the two women.


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