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LIGIS conducts census workshop for media practitioners

The Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo – Information Services or LIGIS has concluded a one – day capacity building workshop on the National Establishment Census for media practitioners in the country.

The workshop conducted Saturday, 3 June is aimed at creating awareness on the National Establishment Census. LISGIS Project Director Mr. Rudi Vinton says the purpose of the National Establishment Census is to produce a comprehensive and updated profile of all economic activities of establishments operating here in Liberia.

“We’re carrying this census to provide the sampling framework fromwhich a sample can be drawn to undertake the 2017 national accountsannual survey, and to develop a statistical business register”, hesays.

Addressing journalists at LISGIS’ head office on Capitol Hill over theweekend, LISGIS Focal Person on capacity building Dr. Patrick N.Kpanyen said the National Establishment Census is an activity thatcovers business establishments within the country.

According to Dr. Kpanyen, the census places premier on the kind ofbusiness that LISGIS is conducting, and the kind of individuals thatare involved in the employed cycle. He says it is a tool that is usedto inform government’s development plans.

“We believe strongly that those in the media are very important, andtherefore this is a launch of the initial activity for the NationalEstablishment Census”, he says. Dr. Kpanyen adds that LISGIS is not apolitical institution, but rather a technical institution.

Also speaking to reporters, LISGIS Public Affairs Director Mr. Varfee Holmes says the workshop is aimed at gathering information that matters to the country.Mr. Holmes has told journalists that many people are not familiar with statistics, emphasizing the need for sufficient public awareness about what is done at LISGIS.

Meanwhile LISGIS Project Director Mr. Rudi Vinton says the institutionhas a mandate to conduct census and survey including the collection ofroutine administrative statistics to inform the public.

He has pointed out that LISGIS is also charged with the statutorymandate to collect, analyze and disseminate social, economic, andenvironmental and national accounts statistics of internationalstandard when required.

Mr. Vinton adds that LISGIS has conducted two rounds of the National Establishment Census, recalling that the first was done in 2007, and the second in 2013 when they encountered serious challenges when some small, medium, and large businesses refused to respond.
By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by Winston W. Parley

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