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LIMPAC explains the importance of digitizing government systems

By Lincoln G. Peters (Contributor)

The Chairman of the National Payroll Cleaning Taskforce of Liberia and Executive Director of Liberia Macro-Economic Policy Analysis Center (LIMPAC) Mr. Del-Francis Wreh says, digitizing government systems and activities are the only tools or benchmark to promote international transparency and fight corruption and fraud.

Marking a brief remark Wednesday, 28 July 2021 at the Monrovia City Hall during the Transparency and Integrity Collaborative Forum organized by the Internal Audit Agency of Liberia (IAA), Mr. Wreh said Liberia can experience international transparency and public monitoring confidence if government systems and activities are digitized to give the public access to information.

At the forum celebrated under the theme, “Taking IAA to the people,” Director Wreh noted that digitizing every aspect of [the] government system will enhance monitoring and help the public and financial integrity intuitions to fight fraud and corruption in government.

“… We have used this system to fight corruption and fraud in the Payroll Cleaning Up System of the country, and if every government institution can follow suit, we believe Liberia will have public confidence with proper monitoring and meet international transparency code,” Chairman Wreh said.

The LIMPAC boss said over the past time, only integrity institutions and watchdogs had access to government reports, noting that it left the public with lots of speculation and even compelled them to run with lies and deception and made other individuals go against the government.

Mr. Wreh disclosed that it is easy for Liberia to digitize its process and procedures, stating that all they need to do is to strengthen the capacity of staff working within various government ministries and agencies.

“If staff is trained and their capacity is built about the computer system of reporting instead of what we are doing now, the government will save information and record that will be used for investigation and international institutions,” Mr. Wreh suggested.

Mr. Wreh continued that it has been very difficult for the public to comprehend financial reports or information because of how reports are presented to the public.

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He said if the government can digitize its system and make the information clear, it will help the public and international financial integrity institutions to comprehend the data rating of the government despite its technically crafted.

He said since the National Payroll Cleaning Taskforce moved to a digital system of payroll using Biometric Verification System, it has been able to fight fraud and corruption within government payroll and has saved lots of revenue for the government.–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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