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Link Aid Int’l and Orphan Cry Int’l put smile on faces in Liberia

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Link Aid International, a local faith based nonprofit organization in partnership with Orphan Cry International, a USA based organization recently provided assorted food supplies, Thompson Chain Study Reference Bible and training opportunity for needy pastors in Liberia.

According to a release, Link Aid over the years sought to serve as Ambassador in soliciting local and foreign assistance for the needy in Liberia.

It has been quietly partnering with Orphan Cry for over four years now providing similar services to needy pastors and church leaders in Liberia during Christmas season among other projects.
Pastors, especially in developing countries such as Liberia, are faced with a lot of constraints and challenges in effectively and efficiently doing ministry work.

The focus of the project is to assist needy pastors as a non-denominational project reaching various Christian Churches in Liberia.

This yearly project started since 2015 and over 450 needy pastors and church leaders have benefited from trainings, study reference bibles and variety of food and non-food items.

Orphan Cry through its Executive Director, Ken Wilcox, Jr. and Representative/Liaison, Benjamin Kettor decided to partner with Eric Nyuma, Founder/Executive Consultant of Link Aid and initiated support by surprising local needy pastors and church leaders with Christmas gifts.

An appreciation ceremony was held at the Bethesda AG Church on the SKD Boulevard, 72nd, Paynesville recently.

They acknowledged their supporters and sponsors in the USA who made it possible through their donations. The two Orphan Cry executives promised to continue the annual support to needy pastors and church leaders in Liberia. –Press release

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