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LINSU Distances itself From 5- Day Ultimatum

The Liberian Student Union or LINSU has distanced itself from the recent 5-day ultimatum given by one Mohammed Donzo under the guise of its Montserrdo Chapter against authorities of the University of Liberia.

According to LINSU, while it does not abrogate Donzo’s right to speak on the Alvin Wesseh-expulsion saga, it was not only criminal, but also childish and a demonstration of popularity hunt and stunt for Mohammed Donzo to pontificate as a representative of LINSU in his press statement to the media.

LINSU said such statement as issued by Donzo was not its creation.‘’We want to unequivocally state that Mohammed Donzo is not the President of the Montserrado County High School Students union (MONSU); he is currently under an indefinite suspension. His so called ultimatum against the authorities of UL is null and void – void at inertia. Consequently, his comments are not attributions of LINSU, as he is not the official spokesperson of LINSU; so, the public is asked to not take his statement seriously, but a gibberish verbiage from organizational deviant and renegade,’’ LINSU said.

Contrary to the asininity disgorge by the Mohammed Donzo, the Varney Jarsey-led LINSU leadership has not only elevated the plights of student throughout the territorial integrity of Liberia, but has also been the trailblazing engine against the excesses in the educational sector, thereby informing the President of this Republic that she has given the students in Liberia rock for bread in the educational sector.

An official LINSU statement issued last week in Monrovia further noted that the institution was at the barricade with students of the only high school in Rivercess when they took to the streets to protest against the deplorable conditions under which they were learning.

The statement further noted the action of the students to brave the storm to protest against such primitive conditions under which they were learning was engendered by LINSU, indicating that during the protest, some students of the school were arrested and incarcerated, but through LINSU’s involvement, they were released.

“Again, we are aware that Donzo wants to play to behave like the proverbial ostrich by playing blind eye on this matter.

Mohammed Donzo, last Thursday while addressing a news conference in Monrovia, described the expulsion of Mr. Wesseh as unfair, and noted that he cannot be held accountable for the actions of more than three thousands students who were involved in the protest that took former UL Vice President Wade Brownell from the University of Liberia,” the LINSU statement said.

Donzo had announced that the Liberia National Students Union, through its Montserrado County Chapter, had given authorities of the University of Liberia up to the end of this week, to reinstate Student Alvin Wesseh, or face mass students’ action.

By Bridgett Milton-Edited by George Barpeen

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